Politics and Willful Ignorance

What is wrong with the seemingly otherwise intelligent and educated people who blindly accept the (at best) distorted claims and often outright and deliberate lies promulgated by the far-right screamers? President Obama can’t both be a Nazi and a Commie – anyone who didn’t sleep through 20th Century history would know that they are mutually exclusive. Are so many of these people so bigoted that they are willing to believe anything at all about a man just because he is (half) black? How do they manage to believe that all the problems facing the United States are caused by a man who has been in office for a little over 18 months? Can’t they count? How have they so conveniently managed to forget who started the illegal war that is costing so many lives and so much money. Why is it so impossible for them to LOOK THINGS UP?  Instead they swallow whole lies, distortions and misleading stories from a so-called news outlet whose slogan is “Fair and Balanced” and is in truth neither.


About nanalenore

I am an opinionated old lady
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