Gun Control

Let’s talk about gun control.

Say your purpose for owning a gun or guns is is self-protection. Everyone is entitled to protect themselves. So…

The group most at risk of death or injury from guns (3 to 4 times the general population) is black males between 16 and 30. years of age. Shouldn’t there be a concerted effort to provide that group with as many guns as possible so that they can protect themselves?  And then there are victims of domestic violence. They are more likely to die at the hands of their abuser if there are guns in the house. Shouldn’t these victims have their own guns and be well trained to use them? Self-protection should be available to everyone, particularly those at the most risk.

Guns “on the street.”  Where are they coming from?  OK, many of them are stolen. Shouldn’t gun owners be responsible for securing their guns against theft?  By the way, keeping a gun under your pillow, on your night stand, in the hall closet, or hung on the wall or over a door probably isn’t the most secure way to store your guns.  Speaking of securing your guns, it’s your responsibility to be sure that your child, the one who spends a whole lot of time in his or her room (maybe with a like minded friend) drawing pictures featuring gun violence and making lists of people he or she doesn’t like can’t get access to your guns. Same for your slightly daffy granny, the one who doesn’t like the neighbor kids trampling all over the flower beds and tells them that she’s going to fix them good some day.  And the crazy uncle who is always talking about ‘taking out the sons of bitches who are ruining his life.’  He shouldn’t know the combination to your gun safe, either.  Most of all, your young kids who may pick up a gun thinking mommy and daddy are always talking about how good guns are and tries to find out for themselves shouldn’t ever, ever be able to pick up a gun you’ve been cleaning and just left it there for a second while you answered the phone or went to the bathroom.

Another source of guns is the ‘black market.’  Where do these guns come from? Again, many have been stolen, but that can be addressed to a significant degree by ensuring that gun owners have secured their guns against theft.  Then there are guns that have never been legally owned by individuals.  The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, approved overwhelmingly by the UN in April 2013, aims to regulate global trade in conventional weapons.  This treaty is unlikely to be ratified by the United States as it will need 67 Senators to vote for it and not going to happen at the present time.  Some of these guns are smuggled into the United States, are sold on the black market, and end up on the street.  So why not ratify the treaty and make a effort to limit the number of guns coming into the US?  Don’t like this idea?  Buy American made guns, which are not subject to the treaty.

Why the resistance to universal background checks for ALL gun sales?  Do you really want just anyone to buy a gun advertised in the local paper without knowing if he or she has been threatening their neighbors or the local sheriff?  Afraid that you won’t pass a background check?  Well, then…

And speaking about universal regulations for guns, how about submitting the ballistics of all guns to a national registry?  That would make tracing a gun used in a crime a whole lot easier.  Don’t like that?  Why?  Don’t want the government to know that a gun you own or owned was used in a crime?  I’d sure like to know why.

Why do you own guns? Hunting? OK, do you have a hunting license?  No?  Then why do you have guns?  You like to target shoot?  Where do you do your target shooting?  So you belong to a club that has a range where you shoot.  No, you don’t belong to a club but you shoot on your own land?  Show us how safe it is. You are a responsible gun owner, aren’t you?  You are a collector?  OK, show us how you store your collection.


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