Plan B and Teenage Girls

Heads are exploding all over the country because a Federal judge ruled that the Plan B pill (an emergency contraceptive for use within 5 days after having unprotected sex) be made available to all women, regardless of age and without parental consent.

The reason that so many heads are exploding is that a young girl may just go to the drug store and purchase this medication without telling anyone she needs it, except, of course, the pharmacist.

None of the exploding heads seem to be addressing the point that if she could have gotten pregnant and then doesn’t have an abortion, in nine months she will have a baby.  Unless there is legal intervention, she will then have custody and control of a minor, which she may believe (and rightly so) she is neither ready or able to care for herself.  If there are legal proceedings and her parents gain custody of the child, haven’t they more or less just used her, against her will if she wanted to use Plan B and then was prevented in doing so, as a means of producing a child for them?  Same argument if the state sues for and gains custody of the child and then puts it up for adoption or places it in foster care (which may be quite expensive).  Again, same argument if the father sues for and gains custody.  She and she alone can make the decision NOT to have her body used for breeding against her will.  She is a human being, not a farm animal to be bred at the whim and will of others.

If a girl, no matter her age, is mature enough to know that she has had unprotected sex and that pregnancy may result, knows she is not ready for whatever reason to raise a child, gets herself to the drug store and obtains the Plan B pill without waiting until she knows if she actually got pregnant or not and will need to have an abortion, then she is mature enough to do just that.  If she is too young or unable to make this decision because of intellectual disability, then whoever had sex with her needs to go to jail AND someone should make sure she has access to Plan B.

If she can’t tell her parents about her need for Plan B, then the parents should be seriously reevaluating their parenting skills.  If their religion colors their attitudes and they have made this so clear to their daughter that she can’t talk to them about her need for Plan B, they should read their Bible.  No where in the Bibles sacred to both Christians and Jews does it say anywhere that life begins at any other time than when God breaths life into a body.  If they taught their daughter that abstinence until marriage is the only sex education she needs, then they have failed on two counts.

Let the heads explode.





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